On Saturday November 21, 2009, just 1 day after her 37th birthday, Robin L. Cone passed away.  For 7 years Robin fought hard against Breast Cancer, but after an aggressive growth she succumbed to the disease.  As a member of the AGA Family, Robin was integral in launching what was the Classic for the Cure, a gymnastics event with the purpose of supporting Breast Cancer organizations and initiatives.  This year we have renamed the event in her honor, and we have also launched the non-profit organization “Robin’s Fund”.  Through this fund we can disburse the funds to various Breast Cancer initiatives ranging from detection & prevention to education!  To all those who knew Robin, she was known as a giver and motivator, and it is in her honor and memory that we will run this event to motivate young female athletes to learn about this disease as well as to fight hard against it!

For information about Robin’s Fund, go to www.RobinsFund.org.